About us
    Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. is a state-level construction enterprise, established in 1965, formerly known as the second engineering office of zhejiang water conservancy and hydropower engineering bureau. The company was renamed as Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co., Ltd. after its restructuring in June 2000, with a registered capital of 201.96 million yuan. Company has level-I water resources and hydropower engineering construction general contracting, municipal utilities engineering construction general contracting level-I, port and waterway construction general contracting level-I, base and foundation project specialized contracting level-II, bridge project specialized contracting level-II, port and coastal engineering specialized contracting level-II and blasting design and construction, safety supervision level-III (referring to the blasting operation department license) and other qualifications. At present, the company has more than 400 engineering and economic professionals, more than 40 senior professional technicians, more than 100 first-level and second-level registered constructors, and more than 50 professional managers.
Chairman's speech

     Over the past 50 years since the establishment of our company, with the support, trust and deep love of friends from all walks of life, we have gone through an extraordinary development process. The company has developed from a single water conservancy and hydropower project construction to municipal public works, port and waterway engineering, foundation and foundation engineering, bridge engineering and blasting operation design, construction and safety supervision and other qualifications. The construction footprint has expanded from zhejiang province to more than 10 provinces and cities such as shandong, fujian, yunnan, guangdong, jiangxi, Tibet, sichuan, chongqing, gansu, hubei, anhui and guizhou, as well as Uganda, Iraq, Togo, the Philippines, Vietnam and Nepal. Here, on behalf of Zhejiang Hydropower Construction and Installation Co., Ltd., I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to friends from all walks of life who have been caring about, supporting and helping us. Letter for the enterprise this, sincerely invite the world. In the future, our company will continue to practice the business philosophy of "forge ahead, explore and innovate, keep improving and build classics", and strive to provide high-quality products and services for all sectors of society. We sincerely hope that friends from all sectors of society will continue to give us care and support. Thank you very much!
Values and vision

Advanced management, strong technology, good reputation

    For more than 50 years, the company relies on the advanced management, the abundant technology, the good prestige, Phase inheritance (participate) built tiantai county shimen reservoir, linhai city cow mountain reservoir, shaoxing Shang Pu reservoir (west unsteading infiltration), eastern - shandong jinan east lake reservoir and the phase ii of the diversion of zhoushan mainland - golden bay reservoir, taishun three stream power station, along the river crossing, hubei province, gansu zhangye heihe cascade hydropower stations in three road, south of hangzhou bay hydropower station under the salt river station brake, Cao E Jiang Da brake hub, huzhou lock (expansion), linhai nanyang reclamation engineering, wenling city bear island surrounded with engineering, xiaoshan district, flood control and drainage engineering - qianjiang station hub gate and channel engineering, wenzhou efficacious south standard embankment and circle of river Cheng (construction bid Ⅱ), qingtian county, oujiang last qingtian crane bid section of reinforcement Ⅱ, taizhou three mountain coated reclamation engineering bid a large blocks, yinzhou fleabane wai tu Ⅱ seven name is coated with engineering project, beilun meishan Ⅲ standard, taizhou jiaojiang 11 pond reclamation engineering bid first Ⅱ, fujian minjiang perform chau embankments downstream, nuclear power qinshan phase ii fresh water conveyance project, zhenhai refining &chemical co., LTD., north cross the booster pump station, south bank of hangzhou Qian Jiangsan bridge connection approach span SYZ blocks, hangzhou pond highways extending line on 02 lake park, ningbo, east dike, qingtian river overpass in the oujiang river bridge, hangzhou, lanxi hengshan bridge, hangzhou-ningbo expressway (yuyao), qiantang river shelter-forest qu jiang qu Jiang Duan) shipping development engineering shop AnRen ship lock and 1 standard such as a large number of water conservancy engineering construction, municipal utilities, roads and Bridges and cubic metro engineering, and hangzhou huanglong hotel, radio and television building in zhejiang province, zhejiang provincial government building, hangzhou wuzhou hotel, post office in ningbo city telecom oil building complex, ningbo, ningbo telecommunication authority long-distance hub building, ningbo port 25 ton crude oil wharf oil tank area for land issue of pile foundation engineering, etc. A large number of foundation and foundation engineering.

The pursuit of good
      Company construction footprint not only in zhejiang, shandong, fujian, yunnan, guangdong, jiangxi, Tibet, sichuan, guizhou and chongqing, gansu, hubei, anhui and so on more than 10 provinces and cities, and in overseas also has built the Uganda pemba farm, more grain rice farm, Iraq ABU Gerry "irrigation project, Togo alberta, water irrigation water conservancy project, the Philippines, cebu C M - M irrigation works and the Philippines - taian hydropower station, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Vietnam, A dam flood power plants, hydropower station, southern Vietnam, Vietnam Wen Zhen hydropower station, Vietnam, south pond water power station, Vietnam valley landscape, Vietnam gully hydropower station, south Vietnam peng hydropower station, And a number of overseas projects such as Nepal's capri and nyadi hydropower stations. Among them, Vietnam's meng hongshui power station, south hydropower station and gu shanshui power station, and Nepal's capri and nyadi power stations are EPC contracting models

Quality win
      In more than 50 years of development, the company has always adhered to the "quality wins" business philosophy, has a set of meticulous, scientific management of quality management system, the formation of the company's chief engineer, the production technology department and the project chief engineer and full-time quality inspectors in their respective roles of quality management network. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and quality, occupational health and safety and environment "trinity" management system certification, the construction project qualified rate of 100%. Among them, qiantang river north bank dangerous section standard haitang project, ningbo petroleum building pile foundation project and cao 'e jiang dazha junction 3 won the highest award of China's construction - luban award, tiantai lishimen reservoir, shaoxing tangpu reservoir and other projects won the national quality project silver award; South of hangzhou salt under river station brake and the phase ii of the qiantang river in hangzhou city levee, shaoxing macrocyclic south river water environment regulation, sea snakes PAM tu reclamation engineering won multiple projects such as zhang, XiHuBei, orchid cup and yong river cup and other provincial and municipal quality award, multiple project quality management of the QC team was named the department, provincial excellent quality management team.